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Refrigerators & freezers
Mitsubishi Electric Multi Drawer Refrigerators come in a range of different styles and capacities to suit any kitchen and lifestyle. Advanced technology keeps food fresher for longer, and as they are designed to be seen and not heard, they're New Zealand's quietest refrigerators.
Mitsubishi Electric Dehumidifiers are designed to be multifunctional home dryers. As well as targeting and extracting moisture from your home, additional features such as laundry drying, mildew prevention, and air purification ensure a healthier home for your family.
Heating and Cooling
Mitsubishi Electric have ideal energy efficient heating and cooling solutions for year-round comfort. Whether you are after a high wall for the bedroom, a floor console in the home office, or an unobtrusive ducted model in the lounge, there is a style to meet your needs.
Multi-Drawer Refrigerator keeps everything fresh, organised and easy to find.

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